Clairmont United Church

Clairmont, Alberta, Canada 

The United Church of Canada/L'Église
Unie du Canada

The Life and Work of our Faith Community 

Our Church Building needs a new roof this summer. Your donations towards this project will be appreciated!

Friday Dec. 8 2017 5:45 - 8:00
“God loves you, and so do we”

Messy Church is a family experience of church.  Together we will eat, sing, explore crafts, share a bible story, and play.

All types of families are welcome.  No charge, but donations are always welcome.  So are volunteers!

Recyclable Bottles Please remember that your pop bottles, juice boxes, and milk jugs are all worth money.
Either drop them off at Recycle Plus on Resources Rd. in Grande Prairie with our number clearly marked,
1433-3604 or leave them at the church and we will take them to the recycling depot.

An Invitation: you are reminded that anyone is welcome to attend Board meetings in order to participate in the decision-making process.  If you would like to be an official part of the Board please talk to Chairman Ray Biendarra (780-567-4302)