Clairmont United Church

Clairmont, Alberta, Canada 

The United Church of Canada/L'Église
Unie du Canada


Construction of Clairmont United Church took place in the summer and fall of 1966. Winston Stokkes was the minister at the time of construction. Members of the congregation worked together to provide meals for the workers. Pews were sanded and refinished for the new church. Certainly the co-operation continued after the construction was complete. The grand opening was attended by Jim Beal, then minister in Valleyview. A few years later Jim came to Clairmont United Church and stayed for many years as the minister. In the eighties an addition was built to house Sunday School rooms, an office and room for an additional furnace. There have been occasions when the church has been without a minister for a period of time. The congregation with the help of guest ministers have kept the church open and active. Some members of the original congregation, who worked together to build our church in 1966 are still active members with much to contribute to the well being of the church community.